Where does time go?

July 14, 2013


July 14th, 2013
Where does time go? Though infinite and eternal, my own life and it’s timeline seems to be rushing by bringing so many changes and experiences.

I spent the month of May living in a cottage in rural Ireland outside of the village of Slane. Each morning I would awake, light the fire and make a pot of black tea or coffee. I would listen to the rain on the windows most days and get to work writing. Many nights I would walk the 4 km into the village and have a pint with the locals. My paints, a few books, a handful of clothes, a piano and my guitar were the only possessions I brought with me. Having no internet, TV or phone forced me to look inward, be introspective and truly connect in a way I haven’t in years. As a man who grew up on a farm, being surrounded by rolling green fields, allowed me to re-tap into the ancient part of me. The aspect that knows and is the spark of life. One of the most meaningful adventures while living there was tracing my Irish heritage and visiting where

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many of my ancestors came from. I felt like they were all around me in every corner, giving me energy and a voice to write from. I honestly feel like I left Ireland weeks later a changed human being. I stretched outward and allowed growth mentally, artistically and even spiritually – a much needed respite from being a cog in the music industry machine. Not to mention the Guinness rep special delivered a bottle of brew with my name on it. Now I know I have arrived in life!

Once I returned to Canada though, I was recharged and ready to hit the road. I have spent the good portion of the summer already touring festivals across Canada and a handful of dates in the US. Most of the festivals have been Jazz this year – a new experience to say the least, as they brought a new crowd and new fans. Of course touring is always an adventure and as an artist we never know what might happen on the road. Take for instance this past June in Saskatoon. Take one part severe storm warning, throw in a canceled 5000 capacity outdoor stage as a result of the imminent storm, add a dash of social media tweets from fans offering their condo as a place to hold the show and instruments and amps to be used, and what do you get? You get a night I will never forget. You can read about it here online. As well as listen to an interview on CBC with Heather Morrison (the woman who threw the house concert) here.

It is now well into July and I have found myself spending more and more time in Los Angeles taking in the energy and sunshine. I’m feeling like the amount of material I have written in the last months in Ireland and elsewhere, and the differing energies of the songs, will require 2 albums to be recorded. How I will release them, if at the same time, as a double album, or spaced out over 2014 is yet to be known. Though the subject matter and themes are well aligned, the albums will be opposing sounds and energies. Exciting and challenging times to say the least, but I want to continue to break boundaries and grow as an artist and a man on this green earth.

Wanting nothing more than to learn from the life I am making…


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