Tour Diary…

May 10, 2008

A flat dried yellow expanse is outside the window of this moving van. Surrounded by fast forming friendships and empty coffee cups, we are eastbound for Saskatoon. With only two shows left in the first leg of this tour, we are all in need of a good nights rest in our own beds. There is something unnatural about a hotel pillow. It is sort of like wearing someone else’s clothes. They cover you but they feel temporary.

Opening for Sarah Slean has been exquisite. I have been given the opportunity to perform my craft to a theatre audience bent on experiencing magic. Seated at a 9-foot grand piano or standing at the centre microphone, guitar in hand, shimmering in blue stage light, I have felt an energy that confirms my long held belief – this is my path.

The cream in the coffee has been sharing the stage with Slean and her band, strumming my guitar and singing back up vocals. As an added gift, my long time friend and guitar player Dean Drouillard is touring with Sarah and I and backing both of us up during our prospective sets.

I hope I don’t wake up.


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