Thoughts from the road…

April 17, 2011

April 15th, 2011

There is just one show left on the western portion of the Root Of It All Tour. We are making the drive to Salmon Arm tomorrow and I couldn’t be more content. The idea for this tour was born after I completed my headline tour last fall with the band in larger theatres and clubs all across Canada. Though it was mostly sold out, and amazing shows night after night, I felt strongly that I wanted to go back out across Canada and perform solo in smaller venues. In rooms where I could tell a story, just myself and the instrument, and make an intimate connection with a select group of fans. I wanted to talk about the music, and let a little more of myself out in the process. Another part of maturing in my own skin I guess.

From the moment this tour began, I knew my wish was coming true. The vast majority of the shows have sold out, night after night, and the crowds have been so appreciative, so intent on listening, and making an evening of magic. It is as if both sides of the stage want to make something to remember.

I can’t thank each and everyone of you enough.

Here’s to making the rest of the shows across Canada remaining on the tour as successful as the western leg.

Your friend in music,

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