“The Waiting” media launch party!

May 25, 2010

Thank you to everyone who submitted answers for the media launch contest! We are happy to announce that Craig MacVichie and his wife Amanda are the contest winners! Along with correctly answering the video director question (A: Jeth Weinrich), Craig also had this awesome story:

“Hey Royal,

My wife and I learned of your music about a year ago. While pregnant, my wife initiated the long and detailed discussion required to pick a name for our new addition. Over the days and weeks of this discussion, while driving home from work one day, I heard “Juliet” on CBC Radio 2, [and] she heard it too at home at the same time. Later that night, waiting for sleep to take us, I mentioned your music and how moved I was by your song. She had the same reaction and VOILA! Our little girl (which was a surprise to us) came into the world this September past and we both felt so lucky to be able to use the name we both loved (all the more sweet because of our shared but separate experience).”


While this is a media launch, there are also a limited number of VIP packages ($30 includes a ticket to the event, an autographed copy of The Waiting, and a pre-show meet-and-greet) that are currently available at MapleMusic.com:

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