The Junos, another tour and the next record…

February 28, 2011

Where has the time gone? It appears to have passed in a hail of good news. I am still pinching myself to be nominated for Songwriter of the Year at the Juno’s. It means so much to be recognized by my peers, and I consider myself flattered to be in such talented company.

My album was also chosen Top 5 of 2010 by CBC Radio 2 and iTunes named it as one of the Best Pop Albums of 2010 and “On Top Of Your Love” as one of the Best Pop Singles.

Like I said…. I am flattered.

Thankfully all of this has lead to yet another tour. This time, I am stopping off in rural Canadian towns (check the shows page for details). The kind of places I grew up in. The smell of grass and the site of trees along the towns view. The familiar way people say hello on the small streets. Bring on the home baked goods!

I also have my sleeves rolled up and my hands are getting worn with writing material for the new album. I have plans to record it this fall/winter. My lips are sealed as to the rest of the news.

Your friend in music,

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