February 9, 2010

Feb 9th, 2009

My belly full with a Scottish breakfast and coffee, it’s drug coursing through my veins, heart pumping, I sit in this small hotel in Edinburgh and thank the stars for my life.

I am alone, but only in body today. I have loved ones waiting for me. I have dear friends, and new friends and musical comrades. I have a venue only a block away tonight in this aged city. Ancient walls grown green with moss and crumbling mortar line the street on either side. A short stroll to a place to showcase my heart.

I shall drink it all in and be thankful.

We are the dreamer of dreams. And we are the music makers.

I have heard the initial mixes of my new release, and they bring an exhale. A release of the holding of breath I always have until the songs are born for you. They take such a long time to gestate. The zygote splitting seems like such a long time ago.


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