Still away from home…

November 24, 2009

Nov 24th, 2009

Winter has touched my face, but only briefly. I am hoping to finish this tour in Manitouwadge Ontario at the end of the month and get back home before the old man really kicks in. I am a Canadian in the marrow, but sometimes I need a summer sun more than frosty cold toes. I did however purchase a new toque that was worth the $29.95 in Saskatoon with earflaps. It is not the most fashionable, but it bottles in the heat like I imagine an igloo would.

This trip has been one of many firsts. Starting with it being my debut western headline tour in Canada. The fact that it has been to capacity and sold out crowds is astonishing to me.

This tour was also the first time I have enlisted street teams and fans to aid in the promotion. The response was overwhelming and I can’t express enough my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who leant a hand.
I have witnessed the mountains of Canmore Alberta from their heights. The image stopped time in its tracks and slowed my breath to a gentle hush. I was at peace viewing the universes splendor.

There are but three more shows left on this journey of mine, and though tired and in need of a proper rest in my own bed, the people I have met have left their mark, and Canada continues to be the most beautiful country in the world to me.

Your friend in music,

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