Royal’s New Single ‘Long Way Out’ Available Now With GHOST LIGHT pre-order

October 23, 2015

The first single ‘Long Way Out’ exemplifies the definitive focus of this record. It’s gripping, melodic and screams with sincerity. These new tunes mark a change in Royal’s artistic path, delivering more of a raw take on life and bringing it to the forefront of his music.

‘GHOST LIGHT’ seizes his sincerest passion for creativity and imagination. It showcases a deeper understanding of where his journey began and where he wants it to lead.

“This album for me was a full return to writing and recording simply for the joy of creation – like when I was a kid. A true letting go and allowing,” says Royal. “I jumped around from instrument to instrument in the studio; playing piano and guitar solos, bass, keys, percussion, anything and everything I could get my hands on.”

In fact, Royal played on almost 90% of the record, with a few artists like Hannah Georgas and Felicity Williams (Bahamas). It was recorded in both Los Angeles and Toronto, with Bill Lefler and Royal at the production helm.

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