Royal Wood’s Tales from the Road: What Is In-Store for Me?

October 14, 2010

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Royal Wood’s Tales from the Road

Part Five: What Is In-Store for Me?

Oct 13th, 2010

This morning, after getting a solid uninterrupted 7 hours of sleep, I finally woke up rested. However, as I write this blog, I dearly need my morning coffee.

We are on the drive to Banff and Richard the Tour Manager is at the wheel, while the rest of the boys appear to be off in their own thoughts. The only sounds I hear are the tires on the road, and the clickitty-clack of my laptop. Oddly enough, despite traveling in a group, there is so much down time on the road, so much hurry up and wait, that one is left with their thoughts quite often.

I dream of home today. Of loved ones, and cooking dinner, and sharing a bed, and talks over morning breakfast. However, I consider myself incredibly blessed to call this my career, and though I miss home and all that resides there, I also rest in the knowledge and certainty of my path. This has been such an exciting and successful tour. Last night in Edmonton at the Myer Horowitz Theatre, the crowd was electric, and the boys and I received 2 standing ovations by the end. Fans sang along, knowing word for word what came next, and afterward on the drive back to the hotel, we shared personal highlights of the performance. Life is grand. These boys are my second family.

What will tonight hold in-store for me?


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