Royal Wood’s Tales from the Road: The Stuff Of Life

October 8, 2010

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Royal Wood’s Tales from the Road

Part Three: The Stuff Of Life

Oct 9th, 2010

This morning was a perfect example of how touring can add meaningful moments to life – if you take the time to experience them. Before departing the Delta hotel, both my bass player Steve and myself took the opportunity to have breakfast with friends and family we rarely see. This is the stuff of life. These are the moments that make it rich beyond measure.

Now we are off to Cumberland, BC to perform the second show of the tour. Steve the good man that he is has offered to drive while I catch up on press and blog detail. Though the rain falls gently on our van, nothing can dampen the spirits on this gorgeous drive through the wilderness of the western shores of Canada. O I love this country. Both for its beauty and its people. I am so overjoyed to be performing the songs from The Waiting for your hearts and minds.

Royal Wood’s Tales from the Road: Video 1

Last night in Victoria I mentioned on stage what a shift philosophically and spiritually turning 30 was for me. How my priorities altered, and how introspection became a very important part of my life. During which I became aware of how ones faith in anything greater than ourselves, can ebb and flow. Whether that is in relationships, or in ones beliefs. I put these ideas down in a song called “Birds On Sunday” when recording the album The Waiting, and I find when performing this particular song, the message becomes a common discussion point after the set each night.

I am doing my utmost to be healthy on this run. Hitting the gym when possible, and having balanced meals is key. I definitely find that if I manage my health on the road, then I am able to expand my potential as a performer to its limits. Health is wealth they say.

My label Maple Recordings was kind enough to loan me a flip HD video recorder, so I hope to capture more moments for posterity along the way.

Until then, I am signing off.


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