Royal Wood’s Tales from the Road: I Am Sailing

October 11, 2010

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Royal Wood’s Tales from the Road

Part Four: I Am Sailing

Oct 10th, 2010

In motion. Constantly in motion. That is touring. The paradox is that, though we move from city to city, our body is static. It is the airplane and vehicle that go forward to their destination. Obviously, I understand the principle of Inertia that tells me that I too am moving with said object – and if I was to jump from this van I too would be speeding through space at 120 KM, but I doubt I would want to attempt disproving physics this fine afternoon. It would certainly be painful to confirm the theory.

Fatigue is also a state artists exist in on the road. No matter the hours of sleep you try to steal back from time when the chance presents itself, it doesn’t seem you ever refill the tank until you are finally home in your own bed. Jet lag, odd hours, long days, too many flights, and the occasional night cap tend to accumulate. What I have learned from experience is that you need to pace yourself with celebration, rest whenever you can, workout when possible, eat well and find alone time to stay healthy. I also firmly believe in the power of vitamin C. “C” obviously stands for coffee.

Traveling, despite being two full bands with tour managers, still leaves me with alone time. It just takes a little effort to unearth it. Today, on this ride, I have decided to put on my headphones to shut out my surroundings, and sail away for a while. On this voyage, there is no past and no future. There is only now. This moment. My lungs are taking in air. My heart is beating. My mind is active and powerfully churning out signals to my muscles and organs. My 50 trillion cells all work independently and yet dependently on one another. I am the spark of the Universe. I am creating my reality.

I am sailing…


ps Here is a backstage keepsake from the show the other night in Vancouver at the Rio Theatre. As you can see, it isn’t always hard work on tour.

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