Royal Wood’s Tales from the Road: A Drop In The Bucket

October 16, 2010

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Royal Wood’s Tales from the Road

Part Six: A Drop In The Bucket

Oct 16th, 2010

I am sitting backstage in Saskatoon, idle and waiting to sound check. I must admit that jet-lag has taken hold and I am run down today, but sometimes I find that state of mind sets in when the end of a tour is almost upon me. I only have 2 dates left on the western leg, and then I am homeward bound on the 17th. I long for a home cooked meal. That being said, I know the energy of a capacity crowd tonight will raise my frequency to a much higher level.

This tour has been all that I had hoped for. There have been amazing crowds and support on all levels. I am always moved and astonished that I am blessed enough to call this a career. That I make art, and that art generates a living that allows me to travel the world, and perform for ears and hearts that want to listen.

Along for the ride on this journey, are the folks from World Vision. I first became aware of their efforts while performing in Kingston ON, earlier this year. I was asked to sponsor a child, and knowing that I had every reason to save a life, and not a single one to ignore their plea, I signed up. That has lead to them following me on the David Gray tour, and now my own tour across Canada. Our goal is to sponsor as many needy children as we can, and each night we have succeeded. I don’t want to be Bono, but I do want to make a difference in some ones life. I want to be the change – not just talk about it. It is very convenient to discuss what is wrong in the world and commiserate together, but I personally believe we have a duty to make it a far greater place for generations to come. Here end-ith my preaching, for I am far from perfect, and this is only a drop in the bucket – but with each drop, the water level rises.

I hear the call of Richard my tour manager…

Off to sound check….


ps Here is a video of “Lady In White” from a show the other night in Edmonton at the Myer Horowitz Theatre.

Royal Wood’s Tales from the Road: Video 1

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