July 12th, 2008

July 12, 2008

Hughs Room Ad


The contest deadline to win a piano lesson with Royal Wood has been extended – the winner will now be announced on August 14 at Hugh’s Room. Anyone who has already entered will have a chance to enter again at the show (double your luck!).

Dead Daisy/Six Shooter


Do you want a piano lesson from Royal himself? Read on…


The piano is known as the “King of the Musical Instruments”, and Royal Wood
can give you 88 reasons why the piano is the most majestic of all the ways
to make music.

Buy a ticket to Royal’s show at Hugh’s Room on August 14, before August 1, and
You’ll be entered to win a prize that will bring you Bach to the days of
sitting, back straight, fingertips hovering over middle C, ready to launch
in to a stirring rendition of “chopsticks”. But wait! Royal can save you from
repeating that terrible rite of passage. Our offer is a lesson with Royal
Wood himself, the new king of chords, the master of scales, the ace of

Call the Hugh’s Room ticketline at 416 531-6604 or warm up those fingers by
typing hughsroom.com or sixshooterrecords.com and learn to be a maestro, or
at least learn a thing or two about the grand art of playing the piano. Give
your name with your ticket purchase to have a chance to win. There’s the
hard way, there¹s the Steinway and then there’s the easy way to get a lesson
from a pro.

Entering this contest is as simple as a round of Heart and Soul!

Dead Daisy

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