“I Wish You Well” unveiled…

June 26, 2014


My Friends,

What began as a magnetic pull to flee to Ireland last May resulted in more creation than I ever thought possible. Once the letting go began, the flow followed and a torrent of songs were born. In fact it lead to making so much music that I was left with the dilemma of what to do with the material. What followed, as you know, was “The Burning Bright” released last March. I’ve been steadily on tour supporting it and can’t thank you enough for the support and numerous sold out shows.

What you don’t know is that there was also an album that I made specifically with my long time friend, guitar player and production genius pal Dean Drouillard. Although 4 of the songs were remixed for “The Burning Bright” by Tim Abraham, it was always my intention to release this second album the way that Dean had originally planned, produced and mixed. His vision is unparalleled and deserved to be heard.

So my dear ones the time has now come for the unveiling. I give you “I Wish You Well”. The new album perfectly encapsulates the feeling I had living in my little cottage in the County Meath, of Ireland. Dean’s original mixes and the inclusion of the other 5 songs tell the story I needed to release into the ether of the Universe. I’ve decided to release the album at shows only and will kick the tour off on Aug 21st at The Grand Theatre in London, ON. Tickets are on sale now!. The show will include a re-working of “The Burning Bright” tour with additional musicians and guests, as well as something very special I have created to showcase some of the new songs on “I Wish You Well”

I hope you join me and come along on another musical adventure.

Yours in music,

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