I may sleep a while…

November 1, 2013
Royal Wood and Peter Katz - Europe Tour 2013


I’ll be an artist until the day I die. Deviations of medium and message may occur, but sweet Buddha do I ever love what I do.

I have 10 days under my belt of this European tour with my new pal Peter Katz, and may I say that we are getting along like gangbusters. Always quick with a joke, and humbly Canadian, Pete knows how to command the stage. So far we have had several packed houses in The Netherlands and now throughout Switzerland.

Today we are traveling back to the Netherlands for a show in Dordrecht and then Utrecht before we head back to my ancestral home of Ireland for a series of shows. I can already smell her shores, and taste her dark bitter sweet pints. I have promised Peter and my other new friend and backing musician Karen Kosowski that we will spend one of our days off in Ireland in the village of Slane. I aim to take them to the Abbey ruins on the hill, as well as the castle to meet the local Royal Irish family.

From there we will head to the UK for another week of touring before I head back to Canada for rehearsals and a performance in Victoria at the MacPherson Playhouse. After that I head to Los Angeles for a show at the Hotel Cafe.

Then it is back to work wrapping up my new album. I ended up recording 26 songs, so now I am left having to distill everything down into a musical journey that tells the story I felt in their writing. Then mixing and mastering. Then putting it all together into one artistic package.

Whew. I may sleep a while this Christmas.


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