I have found it all…

October 12, 2008

Dear you,

Love is the warm bed for my bones. The more I travel and tour the world, the more I come to realize that home is not where you untie your shoes, but rather where your heart lies.

If music is my vocation, if it is my calling, then It is my mission to make music that allows us to breathe the air. Once all this tour of Europe and Canada is wrapped up, I will get to work on the new record. I want to push boundaries that I have not felt before, over the edge and into the abyss – only then will I make art that fuels the light.

Is it me or do you feel a change? We have to fight for what is true. What is at the marrow of the matter.

I have found it all. Now I must get it down for all to hear.

Yours in melody,

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