I found awe in Iceland…

September 4, 2010

Sept 4th, 2010

We arrived in Iceland at 4:00AM Toronto time, and as I was unable to sleep on the flight from anticipation, I was more than ready to slip into dreamland at the hotel in Reykjavik. It would appear though that I didn’t wake up again until my feet landed back in Toronto many days later.

Iceland is a dreamscape. Its magical images will forever be a part of my cells and the people will be a part of my history. Though I know I will return to its shores, if life was to have contrary plans for me, its wonders will never dissolve from my being – it has taken a hold of me at the root.

I was on the moon.

Royal Wood in Iceland

I went into the mystic.

Royal Wood in Iceland

I was an explorer, who when his ship hit the shore, believed he had fallen into the abyss and awoken in another time or place.

Royal Wood in Iceland

I had found awe.


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