Flying through the air…

December 18, 2013


I’m flying through the air, moving forward in perpetual motion in time and space, pondering what lies ahead. Bound for Los Angeles again, I am on my way to accomplish many tasks. All of them artistic in nature, surrounded by supportive and talented individuals I am proud to work with and call my friends.

To begin with I am doing another photo shoot with the very calm and loving natured Vanessa Heins. Out of all the photographers I have ever worked with, she has such a gift for putting the subject at ease and for capturing the individual honestly and creatively. She truly understands natural light and how it plays into such a visual art form. I’m looking forward to seeing her again and getting down to work shooting in the gritty yet welcoming streets of LA.

Then I begin writing and producing with BIll Lefler for my new musical pal Peter Katz. Our goal is to come up with a new batch of material Peter can use on his upcoming release in 2014. Regardless we will laugh, jest with pointed sarcasm, and create, create, create.

After that is completed in a few days, I will shoot the first video for the new album THE BURNING BRIGHT. This time it is to celebrate the single “Forever and Ever”. I am truly excited to finally work with Christopher Mills on this project. I have long since loved his style and ability to conjure up stunning, engaging and powerful imagery that truly reflects the music and message of the lyric – and yet stands alone as it’s own tale to be told all on it’s own.

While all of this is going on, I will begin listening to the mixes for THE BURNING BRIGHT and sending my revision notes. The songs are in the hands of Tim Abraham out of Toronto. I must say, he is making some of the most exciting mixes I have had in my career. We seem to be having a meeting of minds artistically for what this record should sound like. I can’t believe it will be mixed and mastered by late December.

I must admit though that I am looking forward to taking time off this holiday season to spend with family and loved ones around the wood fire drinking wine, eating too much food and talking a little treason.

Once the new year rolls around I will rehearse the band for the upcoming January tour. This will mark the unveiling of several new songs, so there is lot’s to learn and capture with the band. These musicians are some of my best and dearest friends in the world, so I can’t wait for this tour to get underway.

Well, I am being told to shut down my computer and stow my baggage, so I shall say farewell for now.


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