Feb 25th, 2008

February 25, 2008

Royal’s release of A GOOD ENOUGH DAY in Europe on Rounder is a hit and getting rave reviews and national airplay in Ireland, Belgium the Netherlands and more!

Here is what the IRISH TIMES wrote:

“Established as a talented multi- instrumentalist in his native Canada, the wonderfully named Royal Wood makes his Irish debut with this album of beautifully arranged, sweet and graceful melodies fronted by Wood’s voice, which is a peculiar hybrid of Jeff Buckley and Rufus Wainwright. Influences, from early Elton John to Billy Joel and Paul McCartney’s Wings, are lightly worn throughout the album, resulting in instantly memorable tunes. Juliet is a gently persuasive letter to a reluctant lover and Acting Crazy a strangely optimistic anthem for the lovelorn. The Tom Waits vibe of Siren and the Aimee Mann-ish Step Back, with its spooky take on “there’s no place like home”, give a saccharine-cutting edge to the work. With the airwaves dominated by brittle mainstream pop masquerading as indie, Wood deserves a chance to give old- fashioned songwriting a new lease of life.”

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