David Gray Tour Diary: Entry Two

June 3, 2010

Well dear friends, the David Gray tour is over, but the memories will remain. Luckily my guitar play Dean Drouillard brought along his camera and snapped a few keep sakes to aid in the memory jog.

One shot I truly enjoyed was this image showcasing the possible guitar pedal envy Dean may have experienced setting up in front of David’s guitar player Neill Maccoll every night.

Neill Maccoll

I must tell you that the energy that exists in an empty theatre is one that can only be experienced to truly understand. The room carries ghosts that register as ancient. Crowds long since gone, but not forgotten.


While in Vancouver, CBC Radio 3 was kind enough to have me in the studio for a chat about The Waiting. You can still hear the broadcast here.

The term for the opening act is sometimes referred to as the “support act” – so I thought I would demonstrate how I was “supporting” David and holding him up during his performance on a nightly basis.

For those of you who made it out to one of the shows, you will undoubtedly remember the light show on David’s set. Part of the gear was a spinning mirrored ball set up at the back of the stage, that would throw dancing reflections around the room during “Nemesis”. As you can see, David and his band were enjoying their time in Canada though. Here is a shot of a little Canadian bear attached to the top of it, that spun along with the ball at each concert.

Although the rest of the 12 shows were in theatres, the final show was in Halifax, NS at the Metro Centre. It is a huge arena and was my first experience performing in such a venue of this magnitude. Our backstage was set up in one of the teams dressing rooms, and although I didn’t have any skates with me, I did feel the glow of being a proud Canadian in a place of hockey worship.

I have most likely shared enough, so I will close by saying “thank you” to everyone who took the time to listen, purchase “The Waiting” at intermission, and send along emails of new found fan-ism. I certainly hope to see you out at one of my own headline dates across Canada in the fall.

All the best to you and yours,


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