David Gray Tour Diary: Entry one

May 17, 2010

Opening for David Gray

Five days, Four hotels, three shows, two flights, one ferry ride and already endless memories into the musical journey, the David Gray tour is off to an incredible start.

David is a whimsical character, full of sarcasm and wit in person and witnessing him and his band each night has left me inspired. Such professionalism. They are all veteran players well into their 40’s or more and each night I watch them reach for new heights in their own craft.

So far David, his band and the entire crew have treated Dean and I like equals and we have all exchanged words of praise, respect and plain old gear-head speak.

I feel like the Universe guides each of us on our path, if we choose to see the signs. Here is a dustpan and a meter with my name on it that Dean captured on his iPhone side stage.

A Message From The Universe

Another Message From The Universe

As with all tours there is a fair deal of waiting for load in, sound check, set time, load out etc. Back stage though, I guess they thought Dean and I were drinkers and ate our own body weight in food each night, because they set out a 24 beer on ice, a bottle of wine, a bottle of whiskey, and more food than my entire band would need on a headline show to snack on.

The Rider Backstage

Recently I felt like I needed to give back some of the gifts I have been given in this life, so I decided to sponsor a child with World Vision. However, fate decided that was not enough. So before leaving on tour World Vision asked to come along with me, and set their tables up beside my merch table – so that we can all be the change the world needs. Here is a snapshot of the craziness.

At The Merch Table

I guess that is enough for now. I will check back again soon from the road with more tales!


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